Written Materials: Testimonies

Never ask me about peace again

Asmaa Al-Ghoul

Tears flowed until my body ran dry of them when I received a telephone call on Aug. 3, informing me that my family had been targeted by two F-16 missiles in the city of Rafah. Such was the fate of our family in a war that still continues, with every family in the Gaza Strip receiving its share of sorrow and pain. My father’s brother, Ismail al-Ghoul, 60, was not a member of Hamas. His wife, Khadra, 62, was not a militant of Hamas. Their sons, Wael, 35, and Mohammed, 32, were not combatants for Hamas. Their daughters, Hanadi, 28,… ...more

A story of demolition and a plea for help from Gaza

Barbara Lubin

February 11, 2012
I am writing this letter to you late at night and I am asking you to help me. Over the years I have asked for you to step up and reach out to the people here in Palestine because to be honest with you are the only people I know who have responded over and over again throughout the years. This is an emergency and people's lives are depending on all of us to help.Sometimes I feel like I have seen it all and there is nothing left to surprise me in life and then there… ...more

My story in Gaza

Dr Mads  Gilbert .

One of the recurring aspects of the Nakba (catastrophe) is the ongoing violence perpetrated against Palestinians. I witnessed this first hand during the 2008-9 Israeli invasion known as Operation Cast Lead. I had previously worked and travelled to Gaza on a variety of missions for the Norwegian Palestine Committee and for my employer the University Hospital of North Norway. I am a practicing doctor and an anaesthesiologist with extensive experience with land mine injuries in Cambodia, Burma, Afghanistan and in Angola.
The emergency surgical team that was sent to Gaza on 28th December 2008 included Dr Erik Fosse, cardiothoracic surgeon and… ...more

My Gaza Flotilla Diary

Henning Mankell

Fabian Bimmer / AP PhotoBestselling author Henning Mankell, who sailed on the ships trying to break Israel’s Gaza blockade, shares his diary of the journey with The Daily Beast: being attacked by Israeli commandos, robbed of his possessions, and finally deported back to Sweden.May 25. Nice, France
It is 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m standing in the street waiting for the taxi that will take me to the airport in Nice. It’s the first time in ages E. and I have had some time off together. Initially we thought we’d be able to stretch to two weeks. It… ...more

Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived

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Rory McCarthy reports from Gaza City on the individual stories of some victims and the physical and psychological toll on an estimated 350,000 youngsters ...more

When the lights go out in Gaza...

Eoin  Murray

It seems, almost, too silly a point to speak about - but since last month, when Israel bombed the only power station in the Gaza Strip, one and a half million people have spent much of their time in the dark. In fact, it is a reality which permeates every ...more

Continuing Through Tragedies

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Palestinians are expert at this, with over 6 decades of practice at getting on with life after tragedies.As I’m riding in a taxi two days ago after sunset, the Israeli massacre of Flotilla passengers on every radio and tv channel, the driver starts to chat. ...more

Riyad’s story from Gaza City

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Riyad, 19, is from the northern town of Beit Lahia, from Al Atatra, an area that was hit hard by the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza. On 5th January, he was seriously wounded by a rocket and doctors had to amputate his left leg. Two weeks after the ...more